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I know how hard and time consuming starting & maintaining a business is, especially at the beginning stages when you are in it alone. It’s not practical to take on salaried workers. Most of the work will fall on your shoulders. To help ease your burden and cut through the chase; I've taken all the “How do I?" & “Where do I” out of the equation, so that you could concentrate on "Establishing" YOUR Business! Let my years of research, experience and obstacles in running a successful company; guide you step by step. It’s my goal that by the end of this course, you will be the CEO of a wonderful and rewarding company. ______________________________________________________ What makes my program different from all the others? Easy – I am not trying to sell you anything or talk you into a coaching session! I am not advertising a fancy car, house, boat or vacations home to lure you in. Either you read, watch, learn and take action or you don’t! The choice is yours! ______________________________________________________ I have done the leg work for you, put in my time as a business owner, started from the ground up in a niche market before the days of the World Wide Web. My business became a number one training company and powerhouse leader in New York State organically. I’ve mastered all the information I share with you. These courses were created with time management as the essential component so that you could begin taking immediate action as you review each lesson.

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