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Expert Witness Services


As the leading organization that provides Notary Public Training and Support to the entire New York State area, you can be sure that you are getting an expert with impeccable credentials.  More than just professionals in our field, we are the leading contact for thousands of companies throughout the New York area in document and procedure verification.  Our knowledge and experience is strongly relied upon in many industries including: 


  •  Mortgage Companies

  •  Banks

  •  Legal Firms

  •  Title Companies, and

  •  Construction Firms …to name a few.


    Our organization consists of training notaries to the highest level of conformity to New York State Laws and Procedures so as to protect the Notary and the Public in which they serve.

    Our research keeps us updated and ahead of any changes that apply to New York State Notary Law Statutes.  We pride ourselves in accurately assessing your case while keeping your information confidential.

    While we would like to maintain a positive outcome for your case, there may be circumstances of the facts that prevent from doing so.  In which case, you will be notified immediately of our expert opinion.

    If on the other hand, the notary in question was in compliance with their duties with respect to effectuating and performing proper Notary Public procedures with strict adherence to the laws under which they are governed, we will gladly defend them against those who claim otherwise. 


    Expert Notary Witness Fees

  • Document Review Service $250 per hour

  • Expert Witness Opinion Affidavit $250 per hour

  • Court Testimony $250 per hour + travel fees 


    Please contact us for immediate assistance: Call 516-797-3322 or Text: 516-426-3311 or ClickNotary@NotaryPublicCentral.Com

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