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Electronic Digital Journal
Digital Notary Journal
Electronic Notary Journal

Notary Act allows you to comply in a quick and error free way


1. Collecting the Signer's name, address and type of ID is as easy as scanning the barcode on the Signer’s Driver’s License. This not only simultaneously enters the signer’s information into your Journal but it is also error free and in compliance! 


2.  Satisfactory Evidence of Identity process is a click away in NotaryAct..  


3.  Date and time stamp are logged and then you are prompted to detect the signing location via GPS in two clicks? Yes!


4.  Type and/or number of notarizations performed is another two clicks!. 


5. Your entry can now be submitted to your own encrypted portal where the entries are password protected, forever permanent and retrievable at any time.


Watch the Sample video to see how this is possible in less than 90 seconds!  

Watch Demo Video: NY Sample Entry

Watch Demo Video: General Sample Entry

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