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On-Site Notary Public Training

Notary Seminars, New York Notary Public, Notary Republic

Our comprehensive On-Site Notary Public Training Course may be held at your facility according to your schedule.  Time combinations may be any three (3) hour interval of your choice (during or after normal business hours) with one week advance notice.  In addition to flexible scheduling, we offer weekend classes as well.  We require a minimum of 5 participants to conduct an on-site training visit.  There is no limit to participation.  We can accommodate up to your facilities capacity.


The objective of the Notary Public training course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts and clauses contained in the framework of the NYS Notary booklet.  In addition to training seasoned notaries on proper Notarial procedures that could cost the organization for incorrect/incomplete documents. 

The following is a synopsis of what to expect for the Notary Public Training Course:

  • Expert Training and Assistance

  • Supplemental Study Guide

  • Notary Fact Sheet

  • Subscription to Notary Public Central

  • Sample Forms

  • Practical Exam

  • NYS Exam Schedule

  • Free e-Mail and Phone Question Support 24/7

  • Notary Public Application & Oath of Office

  • NYS License Law Booklet


Payments are due at the time services are rendered (no up-front costs required).  We accept company checks and all major credit cards. 

Additionally, please be aware that we have been conducting these courses for over 20 years, mostly for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  Our success rates are guaranteed and unsurpassed.

Please call us if you have any questions 516-797-3322.  We look forward to fulfilling your training needs.

Fee Schedule:

$195/Student (5 student guarantee) + $175 travel and instructor fee
$175/Student (10 students) + $175 travel and instructor fee
$155/Student (20 students) + $175 travel and instructor fee 
$135/Student (30 or more) + $175 travel and instructor fee



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