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The objective of this 3 hour New York Notary Public training course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts and clauses contained in the framework of the New York State Notary booklet.  In addition to training seasoned notaries on proper Notarial procedures that could cost the organization for incorrect/incomplete documents. 


The cost of the course includes the following information and materials:

·         Supplemental Study Guide

·         Notary Fact Sheet

·         Practice Exam

·         Unlimited Access to Notary Public Central's Expert Support Staff

·         Sample Forms

·         Free e-Mail Question Support 24/7

·         Notary Public Application & Oath of Office

·         NY State License Law Booklet

·         NY State Exam Schedule

·         Expert Training and Assistance


Let us help you remain competitive!  We are www.NotaryPublicCentral.Com one of the leading Notary Public Test Preparation Courses around.  Come see what others have already experienced!  Surveys show that consumers and organizations prefer the convenience of having a Notary on staff.  99.9% success rates!  Guaranteed to pass the exam or your next class is free.


How to Register:

·         On-Line: Click Here

·         Use our Print and Scan service

·         By phone: 516-426-3311


Notary Public Central is one of the leading Notary Public Training Courses around.  We provide 3 Hour Notary Classes, which are half the time of other Notary Courses.  Our no nonsense approach coupled with our ability to deliver streamlined information is what helps you to pass the New York State Notary Exam.  Notary Public Central has devised a strategic approach at delivering top notch Notary Classes, which include tailored content curriculum with highly innovative and educated Notary Instructors.  We have been in operation for over 20 years and our reputation is one of the best in the Industry.  Our ability to remain educated on all New York State Notary Public Laws and research in the Notary Public field is what allows you to understand your function as a Notary Public Officer.  In addition, we offer you top of the line customer support.


Notary Public Central trains thousands of clients per year and averages 99.9% passing rates for all those who attend.  Students are amazed at how easy the Notary Test is once they have taken our Notary Seminars.  Students receive their Notary Public Commissions shortly after taking the Notary Exam.


Notary Public Central will never waste your Course time with trying to sell you products or services.  We do offer a full line of Notary Public Stamps, Supplies and Products and you may view them at your leisure by visiting: Notary Supplies

For your convenience we also offer Onsite Notary Training, Online Notary Prep Tests or Online Notary Training.    If you are inquiring How to Become a NY Notary Public or want to learn proper Notarial Procedures, you've come to the right place.  We offer several Notary Public Training and Development courses to suit your needs.


We will teach you the Notary Public License Laws.  How to Become a Notary and Pass the New York Notary Exam.  Classes are Being Held in New York, Long Island, Buffalo, Staten Island, Yonkers, Brooklyn, Queens, Rochester, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Click Notary Seminars to view all classes currently being held in your area.  Become a New York Notary Public.  Pass the New York State Notary Public Exam the first time with www.NotaryPublicCentral.Com.


We carry a full line of Notary Supplies for all your Notary Needs:  Notary Journals, Notary Seals.  New York Notary Prep Test, New York Notary Supplies, Pocket Stamps, Inkless Fingerprints, Notary Foils and much more!....


Don't forget about our Notary Signing Agent Courses.

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