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I PASSED! I was so excited yesterday when I saw that on the slip of paper. I was a bit nervous on test day, wondering why I, a 57 yr. old, is doing this, but I kept pushing the doubts out of my head and remembering all the helpful hints Deena gave us and I kept telling myself "you can do this."

Please let Deena MacDonald know I passed, as she was my course instructor here in Buffalo. She did an excellent job in preparing us. (I forgot to take down her email address.)

Thank you again for offering the course and putting together the GREAT booklet.
Thank You!!
Mary Lou

I wanted to write and thank you for hiring such a wonderful instructor; I took the notary public training last Friday at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. Frank Lord was a lovely person, funny, charismatic and most importantly an effective instructor. I will be taking the test tomorrow morning, and feel that with review of my notes and the manual today I should easily pass.

Thank you so much for offering your services, and please give my regards to Frank he well exceeded my expectations for the seminar.

All the best


I passed the test!!! I will reach out once the background is completed to order my seal from you. Thanks again as your teaching was invaluable for this process which was a 2016 first quarter goal of mine.

 Please know that I plan on staying close to you for guidance and other opportunities that may come up for notaries and will reach out to Bill Walker also.

 Many thanks!


Hi Dina,

 Thank you and I appreciate your quick response.  By the way, I have to say that your prep class and the instructor George were top notch!  Another associate at my company reached out to me when she heard I was becoming a notary and I highly recommended Notary Public Central.  She checked out your site and signed up for the class and I believe has already taken the exam.  You cover everything one needs to know from what to expect on the exam to where and when itís offered to purchasing supplies.  A+ to you and your company!  Thank you for helping me achieve this goal!   


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your kind assistance regarding the Notary class and examination information. I have wonderful news to share---I sat for my Notary examination in December 12th (first time) and was notified that I passed! Tomorrow I will get sworn in and look forward to the future. I will contact your fine organization to purchase the journal and items required as soon as the Department of State furnishes the Notary identification number.

Best wishes for continued success in the New Year!


I am writing to you to let you know I passed the notary exam on 3/16.

I also wanted to thank you for being so knowledgeable in the prep class. It was most definitely helpful.

On my exam, I had a lot of questions about real estate. Too many, actually.

Thank you again!

Sabina Wright

Thank you so much!! I just called. I passed!! You saved me lots of heartache. I'll be sure to leave a great review.

Thanks! -Kim

Thanks Dina!

That was an excellent class and I can't believe how quickly and easily you got us through everything.  I will certainly let you know when I take the test and have now added you to my Contacts for future.

I haven't been able to use the link for the Prep Test and wanted to ask if it will be available for a while.  I have a lot of unexpected things, (family matters and uncertainties) going on right now and can't focus on more prep for the Notary test.

Thanks again - I would love to keep in touch with you (or be on your mailing list) as I move forward on the Notary project.

Best regards,




I took the notary class on May 12th and passed the exam on May 13th. 

Thank you!


I forgot who the instructor was.  I would like to thank him.


Best Regards,

Judy Martinez


Dear Ms. Elardo,

The class was helpful. Including the online 100 question sample exam. I passed on the first try! YEAH!!!

Kind Regards,


I took the notary class yesterday and the exam today. I just want to let you know that the information taught in the class was exactly what was on the exam. Your instructor was awesome and on point with everything. I will also email the instructor to let him know about the exam. There were maybe two or three questions that were confusing but I wasnít too worried.


Hafeesah Wellington

Hi Dina,

Thank you for your assistance in helping Briarcliffe with a Notary Public Course Training.  I have heard positive feedback from some of my colleagues.


Mr. Spieler,

Thank you so much for your class on April 14, 2015.  My daughter and I both passed the test.  I do think you should know they had a lot of Real Estate questions and definitions on the tests we took.

 Barbara Combs

Hi Dina,

Thank  you so much for all your help and for the Law. The class was great!


Sue Coello

Great, thanks so much Dina!

Just want to share with you that my colleague and I took the Notary Class on February 24th at Penn Plaza.  We took the test the next day and both passed!  Not sure if you get feedback or not of the people that passed but we did.  The instructor was excellent and extremely patient with us!  I have recommended this class to other people. 



Dear Ms. Elardo:

Sorry, I completely forgot to write and tell you that I did pass the Notary Exam on my first try when I took the exam on February 3, 2015(the first business day following the date I took Georgeís course) in spite of all the questions that were on the exam related to felonies, misdemeanors & related fines, sentencing, types of offense etc. that I advised you of in the attached email.

 Thought you would want to know that Georgeís review is great and I recommend it highly!

Yours truly,

Cheryl Robinson

Hi Dina,

Thank you for setting up the Notary Course for ATI. So far I myself took the notary test 2 times J and passed both!

The booklet that we received helped a lot!

Thank you again,


Hello Andrew! I hope this email finds you well!

I took your class on 3/10 and took the exam on 3/11.

I just wanted to thank you and to let you know that I PASSED!

I did as you suggested, studied that night and then took the online exam.

 Thanks for everything!


Jiselle A. MacDonald

Dear Mr. Spieler,

I took your notary class on 3/10 in Garden City. I took the test twice the next day in Hauppauge. I passed both test. Thanks for your help.  

Cynthia Simonetti

Hi, I passed the first time after taking you practice test material. I was fantastic and helped me tremendously. THANKS!!! ChuckÖ.

Chuck Lynch

Just writing to let you know I passed J Test was tougher than I thought it would be! There was a bunch of questions about opening a deposit box and how many days you have to inform the owner, blah blah blah. Iím so relieved itís over and itís all thanks to you that I donít have to take it twice. Youíre the best!


Hey Andy,

I wanted to thank you personally, as I took the test twice and passed both times. I thought your class was great and I (obviously) benefited from it. (I was in the small class when the lights weren't working). Thank You again, and I will be sure to leave a review on Dina's website. Thanks again.


Good Morning Dina,

Just want to let you know I passed the exam.  Thank you so much for the teaching you have given.  I will keep you posted on everyone else.

Thelma Brown

Hi Dina,

We had a wonderful class on Friday, January 30th at 1pm.  In was very informative and I learned a lot. 

 Frank Lloyd is an excellent teacher.  He made us laugh and feel comfortable to take the test.  Hope we all make him proud by passing! :0)

 Thanks.  Have a great day.

Lillian Cassaberry

Dear Dina:


The course was very helpful and George was great.  He put everyone at ease and broke the subject matter into easily understood sound bites.


Great course



Cheryl Robinson

Hi Andrew,

My name is Carol, I took your class on January 13th and the notary test on the 14th.  I'm happy to say that I passed and wanted to let you know that I found the class extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who will be taking the test.  I did try to see if I passed on the Division of Licensing website after a week and was sure I failed since my name never came up and still doesn't.

I was pleased to get the "pass" slip in the mail today.

Thanks again for a very informative class!

Carol Millington

I took your class on Monday December 15th, and I took the test on the 17th, and I just wanted to let you know that I passed!
I'm sending the application in tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know!

Thank you so much for your help!

-Taline Khachatoorian

Hi Dina,

Happy to report that I passed the notary exam and filed the application with the Secretary of State this weekend. Thank you again for everything, I will certainly use the valuable information I have learned from you in the future. I will recommend your class to friends and colleagues interested in becoming a notary public.

All the best,


Hi Dina,

Frank was a great teacher! Thank you so much!

Best regards,


Hi Dina, 

I finally received my card!!! Thank you for your help and helping me pass the test. Your training really makes a difference. 

Hope all is well. 




I am writing to advise I took the class on 3/11/16 and passed the Notary Public Law Exam on 3/16/16.


Thank you.


Ginger Barao


I truly appreciate the information you shared yesterday and will be taking the test tomorrow. Your style of teaching is so concise and to the point!


Hi, Dina, you've been my contact since you trained a bunch of us at the New York Post as Notary Publics at least a decade ago!

I have recently moved from Manhattan to Jersey City, New Jersey.

Thanks so much for your help, as always,


Good morning!

First off, I wanted to thank you, Notary Public Central, and of course our wonderful instructor on December 9th for preparing me to take the New York Notary Public exam. I'm happy to report, I passed on the first try, and just recently received my official ID card. 

Thank you for your time and for thoroughly preparing me to pass this exam!



Good Morning Dina,

Happy New Year!!!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERYU MUCH to you and Frank.  I was able to take the notary exam on 12/7/15 and was notified the following week that I passed. 

Frank is an awesome instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style.

 Thank you so much for your assistance,

Monique Berkley

Hi Dina,

 I am proud to share with you that I am a notary public.  My term began on Feb 1, 2016.   

Thanks so much for your help.



 I took the exam Dec 1 in Buffalo (I was the only person taking the exam at 9am, that was a little awkward) Ė I just got my results yesterday. I passed.

Thank you.


Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.  I also appreciate your website and the study materials for the test! Was happy to pass on the first go.


Hi Dina,

 I passed the notary test. Thanks you. The review was very though and the information on the exam was everything that we reviewed. None of the questions seems out of the ordinary from what Frank was saying in class. 

Thank you again,



I just wanted to say thank you so much for your notary class took in October. I also want to thank the instructor Frank Lord for being thorough and nice. He made everything easy and made everyone feel confident.

My reason for this email is because I passed the test on my first try and it wouldn't have been without your organizations help.

Best regards,
Natalie Munoz

Good afternoon!

 A few weeks ago I took a Notary Class in Holtsville and I am excited to let you know that I passed the exam! The class was so great and is definitely a huge part as to why I passed.


Alexandria Spero

Hello Dina,

 My name is Kelly and I had taken the notary public class on Tuesday September 29 with my two other co workers. We wanted to let you know that we took the test the next morning and we all passed! We wanted to thank our instructor for all his help.

Thank You,

Kelly, Christine, and Mike

I forgot to say thank you until now, I passed the notary test first time when I went for my test the first available Wednesday after your class. I just received the pass confirmation so far, do I need to wait to receive something in the mail before I can fill out the application form or is that something I can do immediately?

Michael Gilboy

Hi Michelle,


See the attached card.  I took a class with them, the instructor was very knowledgeable and provided really good tips.  Dina runs the place and is very helpful.  Check out; if you decide to send your employee to her class, please let her know I referred you.







Hi Mr. Spieler

I took your class on August 11 and took the test the next day and just wanted to let you know I passed !!! Yay! Thanks so much for your help your class and book really helped.

Angela Madura

Hello Ms. Elardo,

I took this notary class back in May and I am happy to say that I passed the exam recently.

Dear Dina,

I got my stamp today. I didn't expect it so quickly! Thank you for always being there for me when I need you the most!



I took a class in NYC a month ago with a gentleman (I unfortunately cannot remember his name) He was so helpful and I want him to know thanks to him I passed. If the class was on 34th street who was my teacher?

He was so great and helped immensely.

Thanks so much for everything, amazing course!


Hi Andy:  Just wanted to let you know I passed the notary exam.  Thank you for a wonderful and informative class.  Enjoy your weekend.

Regards,  Donna Jarosak

Hi Dina,

 I passed the test!!! First try and only one test. I almost stayed for the second at 11 but tossed the dice and came up a winner!

Please share the news ( and my thanks )  with Andy 

All the best ,

Tricia Kilcommons

 Thank you Dina for you advice 2 weeks ago. I passed. I have to say u r right, most questions came from notary law book you gave me. Now to find a notary to notarize my application.  


Hi Dina,

Class was great on Friday, March 4th with Frank.

Is there still 2 more seats opening for 2 people??

If so, I would like sign up for them next Friday, March 18th at the Rockefeller Center at 1pm.

Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you.


Addy Hasani

My name is Carmen Viera, I am a Notary thank's to the class you offer. Frank was great, and very informative. I am very happy that I took the class. Frank is an incredible professor! I would not have passed this exam without taking this preparation course.

Thanks for everything and for all of your help!

I can't thank you enough for everything. The entire process of registering for the class and taking the class with Frank was such a pleasure. Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly. I ordered my Notary stamp on Monday and received it on Thursday, now that's amazing. The customer service was excellent! I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you so much for being there every step of the way. I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciated all your help.

With sincere appreciation,

I hope this finds you well! With no surprise, YES, I passed my test! After taking your class, the test was easy. I was confident with 98% of the answers. You prepared us well! Thanks a million!!
By the way, I am sure it is okay with you that I sent your e-mail address to like 6 people. Thanks again.

I just completed this morning's class and was very pleased with the instructor's presentation. He knew the material, was well prepared, and brought the subject to life. Sometimes a student does not keep pace and hence feels that the instructor is at fault.
People need to come to class, on time, with their minds engaged in the material. All three of us were adult learners. My thanks to Phil for provided the materials to prepare for exam.

Best, Sherel

Thank you so much! I have to say you've made this whole Notary process so easy, thank you so much.
Thank you,


Great Class

I just passed the notary exam. I was at the Nov 18, 2013 class and was told we need to record everything we notarize. Where do I get the book to record what I am notarizing? Please advise.

After being a complete wreck for 2 weeks I told you I took the test twice well I passed both LOL.. Thanks for all your help. Now I have to add to the testimonials because you did indeed help me a lot! Take care! Naz

I am writing to say that everyone in our group has passed, yay! Many thanks

I took the class in Buffalo. West with you a few months back. I wanted to say that I passed the exam on the first try and your class made all the difference. Before taking the class I tried studying just using the study guides from the library and spent hours reading and rereading it. But your class was so much better, easier and faster and it tied it all together and made all the jargon make sense. I dont work in the legal field so it was all new to me.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job instructing it.
Thanks again.

Dina, thanks very much for the quick response. I reside in NJ so I needed to give that info I was able to get it out of the mail and complete it. The course given here was very instructive and prepared me well to take the exam. Keriann Devitt was the instructor and did a great job- I will recommend the course to anyone who is interested. I followed Kerianns advice to take the exam at the earliest possible opportunity and it was the right thing to do. Thanks again.

I just passed the notary exam. I was at the Nov 18, 2013 class.

Thank you

I wanted to let you know I passed the test and to thank you for the study class! I took the test the next day.

Thank you again.

I really appreciate folks who donít compromise - it is not a "black & white" of the law issue its about not wavering when it comes to moral standing. Frank demonstrated that, and I believe that is a beautiful thing to impress upon new students entering this field of service. I couldnt have been more impressed. Thanks again.

I just wanted to send you a great big thank you! I passed! If you are not sure who I am, my name is Claudine I took your class at the LaQuenta Hotel on Monday January 21 2013. I was the one who you stated beat the teacher to class, the first one seated at the beginning of the table.

Anyway all that doesnt matter, whats important is that you assisted me in passing the notary exam and I am extremely grateful to you for your excellent teaching.

Again, thank you and have a great weekend, I am off to the post office to mail off my check and application!!!!!

I attended the Notary Public Central (NPC) class on 9/27 took the exam on 10/2 and received my exam results from the Dept of State on 10/7. On 10/8 I mailed my Notary Public application (with $60 fee) to the NYS Department of State (DOS).

I am glad I took the class because I felt the exam I took on 10/2 was difficult. I spoke with another person, who as was in the class on 9/27 with me, and she agreed too that the exam was difficult And thats why taking the class was well worth it. The exam tested ones understanding of the concepts of the law (and crimes with sentences), instruments, fees et al. What resonated with me was your explaining and examples of scenarios that conceptually brought home what it is to be a notary being cognizant of its unique set of guidelines if you will.

I recommend that whoever attends the class take the 100 question $10 test exam on your website and study everything and what we didnt cover in detail in class, especially the different laws (recognizing felonies vs -misdemeanors) there were questions on them. Had I not taken the NPC website 100 ques. exam I wouldnt have paid much attention to them but because I did thats why I passed the exam! The fees - like you said - know the fees: I blew one question and that was the $3.00 Authentication Fee that I kicked myself for because I remembered right after I handed in the exam and I had I not passed wouldve blamed myself for that answer being the 13th incorrect!

As a beginner Ill order the New York Handbook first. What would you recommend as a second book to order: National Public Handbook Andersons Manual or The Law Dictionary

Have a great weekend

My Co-worker and I took your notary prep class on Friday Oct. 4 in NYC. We just received our notice and we both passed. Thank you!

Thanks so much for sending me a PDF of your Notary book, Dina. I am so glad I chose your company to take the Notary course.
Warmest regards,

I took a Notary Public training class on September 13 2013 at the 44 Wall Street location. I passed the test and just received my notary license today. Thank you.

You have been my lifeline and I can't thank you enough. I will be spreading the word about your excellent Company and especially, the wonderful customer service support I've received from you! Not only does your Company prepare us to take and pass the exam, you also prepare us to actually do the work of a Notary Public and that cannot be overemphasized.

Thank you again for all your support!!

I received my "PASSED" notice yesterday from the DOS - Division of Licensing Services. THANK GOD!!!
Please let Frank know how much his class meant to me. He made the subject come alive.

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